Rapid Type has been providing our clients with affordable and accurate transcription typing since 2008. 

We transcribe academic research interviews, medico-legal reports, medico-legal psychiatric forensic reports and assessments, opinion and assessment reports, WorkCover reports, as well as business and legal audio transcription.

Transcription rates 

One person medico-legal transcription is a maximum rate of $1.60 per audio minute. Turn-around time for a comprehensive assessment or medico-legal report is generally within three days. All medico-legal transcription is completed by Jo Reid. 

Interview transcription (up to three participants) is a maximum rate of $2.00 per audio minute.

Focus groups, boardroom meetings, court proceedings, group interviews are charged at a maximum rate of $2.50 per audio minute. 

The Process

Audio files can be sent to Rapid Type via email, SendThisFile (scroll down for form), Dropbox, or another method of your choosing. Rapid Type transcribes most audio formats. All files are returned to you (usually via email) as accurate, fully editable, Word documents. We work out the preferred format with you beforehand (e.g. exact-verbatim, time-stamps, nVidia).  

Small academic projects (under ten recorded audio hours) are transcribed by Jo Reid. If you have over ten recorded hours of interview transcription the project is then split between Jo and another experienced, Australian-based transcriber, so as to ensure a faster turn-around time for you.  

We will be closed for one month - 1st January 2018 to 30th  January 2018. 

Contact us 

‚ÄčIf you have any queries please do not hesitate to telephone Jo on 0435 488 197 or use the form below. 

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